Dec 22nd, 2018 - Asset Protection

Say Good Bye To The Asset Protection Workshop

As you may have heard, Wealth Guardian Education will be be closing it's doors before 2019 All courses and Workshops will be withdrawn from public sale including the Asset Protection Course. 

The Secret To Wealth is To 

Own Nothing

And Control Everything

Understand this Concept and you can Literaly

Be broke on paper and Live like a king, just like the rich and famous. 

Introducing the Asset protection Workshop. Originally named the bankruptcy course as it was designed to help families and individuals protect their Secured Assets even from the risk of bankruptcy. 


There is a real skill in understanding the power of banking and banking language. 


Everything is hidden in plain sight, and I consider it my obligation to try and help families and individuals become more aware of their financial options and advantages, regardless of their economical situation. 


This course would be classed as a Defensive Trust Option. 


The techniques learnt are very subtle but yet extreamley powerful. 


You Own Your Property

within the UK, one must consider this workshop!

Can you place a Value on protecting Your's and Your Family's future wealth?

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Asset Protection Workshop

This Workshop is specifically for Anyone who Owns a Property (UK Specific but Globally Applicable)

  • How To Protect The 'Equity' In Your Family Home 

    It's so easy to fall foul to the court system, and for someone or entity to latch any debt obligation to your home or even force you to sell. Learn to protect yourself 

  • Own Nothing & Control Everything

    If An Asset Is Not Yours, It can't Be taken From You 

£603 (Originally £804.00)

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Asset Protection Workshop


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All Sales Are Final. 


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Wealth Guardian education is closing it's Doors to the Public once and for all. Any existing members or Non members who wish to continue with Their Education responsibly and privately,. this is your opportunity to capitalise on the current courses & training (at this ridiculous price)

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