Dec 20th, 2018 - Private Trust Coaching

Say Good Bye To The UUKPT Coaching & Membership

As you may have heard, Wealth Guardian Education will be be closing it's doors before 2019 including the Flag Ship Understanding Uk Private Trust (UUKPT) Coaching & Membership. What does this mean for you?

This Coaching Program Has been Inspired By Christian Walters

And Has Been tried and tested with Real Life Personal Experiences. Nothing is left Out of This training! 

This Coaching program is NOT for the faint of Heart or those looking for 24 hour victories! Hours of Study and Dedication is required to become proficient in the world of Private Trusts

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There has been significant updates since 2015, included with the Coaching is the latest training teaching the knowledge to be up-to-date

  • Private Trust Administration - Coaching

    Become proficient of identifying the type of Commercial relationship you are in, how to correct relationships 'presumed upon you' in commerce & business. 

  • Private Trust Enforcement - Coaching

    Understand the Power of Equity Jurisdiction and Equity Jurisprudence - Learn how to use Equity (and not 'the law) to emphasize what is just and right and deal with the Individual not necessary the customer any letters sent

  • Private Trust Litigation - Coaching

    Sometimes it is Necessary to Compel the trust to perform by putting the trustee on enquiry (on notice). It is critical one understands the rules of Private Trusts and how to bring a suit against the Trustee for acting unconscionably towards you. 

Here's What You'll get


  • Private Trust Administration - Full Training

    There are currently 6 x Training sessions in the Private Trust Administration Section, 2 of these are bonus video content recorded in November and December 2017 - Learn The Basics of of trusts and the Different Types of Commercial relationships and How to recognise and tackle them correctly.    

    ($3349 Value)

  • Private Trust Enforcement - Full Training

    There are currently 3 x Training Sessions including the Recent 2018 update included as a Live Video training.

    - Understand the Force and Dynamics of the Equity Jurisdiction and re-frame your mind from the 'At Law' Jurisdiction to the Equitable one, this will but you in a completely different league

    ($3,349 Value)

  • Private Trust Litigation (Court Procedure) - Full Training

    There are currently 6 x Training Sessions available in the Litigation section, Approx 50 + Hours of content, just in this section alone! -There may be a day where you will have to compel a trustee to perform, and the only option is to use the Court of Equity to do so. There is a Process and the litigation Section will guide you. 

    (3,349 Value)

  • Monthly Live Q & A Sessions (re-starting again in January 2019)

    There are currently 7 x Q & A Training Sessions available in the members Area, Every month, I collate all the important questions posted in the forum and answer them in detail plus any questions asked live during the training. This is a really valuable tool and helps keep all the training relevant and up to date.

    ($1,249 Value)

  • Dedicated Private Coaching Forum

    You gain immediate access o the forum and be able to communicate privately with the existing community in order to network and share. You never have to feel alone on your learning journey

    ($2,399 Value)

  • Full Support

    There's dedicated support online. - Some members email me if it's urgent, I may even schedule a call if it's REALLY urgent (have done so many times in the past)! -

    ($4,299 Value)

  • "Life time"/ Very Long Term Access to The material

    Prior to this offer, This coaching & Membership Program was offered as a Lifetime membership. That is still the case today (once full payment has been received) - The benefit of this is you have a lifetime resource that you can utilise whenever you need, with the new bonus below, you have even more choice! 

    ($10,000 Value)

  • Future Updates & Training Specific to This coaching is included at no further cost

    Live/ f2F Sessions will still be charged (to cover costs) however, any digital material will be made available to existing members at no extra charge. This may change but for now, this offer stands! - Always be up to date where necessary

    ($4,299 Value)

  • 3 x Special Surprise Bonuses Included

    It's a Surprise, so I can not mention what they are, but you will be pleasantly surprised.

    ($4,299 Value)

​That's $36,592 in Training Material, FREE gifts & Bonuses -  just for enrolling today.

Original Offer for this package: $1625 (approx £1324)

But s a Special Bonus and Incentive you can Enjoy 



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Wealth Guardian education is closing it's Doors to the Public once and for all. Any existing members or Non members who wish to continue with Their Education responsibly and privately,. this is your opportunity to capitalise on the current courses & training (at this ridiculous price)

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